What is the Agency Report Portal?

Indiana law requires various agencies (including governmental bodies, boards, commissions, etc.) to submit reports to the Indiana General Assembly. The Agency Report Portal is designed to provide a standardized process and a collective place for submission of these statutorily required reports. We hope that the Portal will assist each agency in meeting reporting deadlines and maintaining records of each submission, and the General Assembly in easily accessing the information contained in the reports.

How does the Agency Report Portal work?

You can begin creating a Portal account by clicking the register button. We'll verify your account with a confirmation email; if you used an @in.gov email address to register, you'll be verified instantly. When you log in to your account, you'll be able to submit reports from the dashboard using a simple submission form, where you can enter information about, submission requirements, tags, a description, and a .PDF version of the report. After you submit, you'll receive an email including this information to confirm that your submission was a success.

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